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Astrology Readings

Astrology Sign, Horoscopes, Astrology Chart, Solar Return, Birth Chart, Astrology Predictions, Astrology Forecast, 12 Signs, Zodiac.

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Tarot Readings

Guidance, Tarot Cards, Celtic Cross, Readings, Arcana, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, Wands.

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We are made from Stardust

You are more than just sign you born under according to the month. You have 14 signs in your chart! Take a look at some typical characteristics of your birth sign.

  • Aries
  • 20 March - 20 April
  • Leo
  • 23 July - 23 August
  • Virgo
  • 23 August - 23 September
  • Libra
  • 23 September - 23 October

My services


The messages from the cards are here to help you discover and realize the answer to your dilemma or situation. They guide you into harmony and balance with the Universe. The Universe speaks the only truth. Let's find out the answers together.

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Prediction Reading

Overall picture of your year ahead with key dates of when to take action for what area of your life. I will also focus on your requested areas if you have them. I also read your predictions for 3 or 6 months at a time. This really focuses in on specific dates to take action and when not to.

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Birth Chart Reading

This is your Astrological blueprint explaining all of your attractions, harmonies, opportunities, conflicts, oppositions, your mother, your father, siblings, your destiny, your strengths, your challenges, love, career, home and all areas of your specific magnetic energy fields. Included in this reading, I give you your theme for your birth year.

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